Telsa's more accurate diary

My husband used to keep a diary on the net about what he was working on. He didn't tell me he'd started it, and I first found out when he found me doing something particularly silly and said it was going in his diary. I asked, "What diary?" On finding it, I discovered that whilst it was full of technical trivia, items like "New box arrived" were recorded with no reference to the size, the fact it got stuck in the door, and the associated chaos this caused. I felt a more balanced view was required.

So began my side. The two carried on for quite a while, but fell by the wayside when life got too busy.

Some of these are only vaguely related to the dates I claim, but they are at least in order. You will note that they have different appearances. I am experimenting with stylesheets, but have not added stylesheets to all of them yet.

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