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Telsa died in November 2015.

So who was I? Good question. Born in 1969, I grew up in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north-east of England, but now I have lived in Swansea on the coast of south Wales for almost as long.

I arrived on the net comparatively early (my saved email goes back to 1990) and stuck around. I used to contribute quite a lot to various efforts on the net, most of it to do with do with free software and particularly with GNOME. I still use Gnome and Linux and the rest, but I rarely contribute these days. I got tired of the fractious mailing lists and the attitude that requiring contributors to be polite would be curtailing their personal liberty, and stopped bothering. Life is far more peaceful as a result.

What most people know about me, though, if anything, is that I married a hacker and for some time wrote about living with him in a journal called the more accurate diary. That also stopped, largely because I got fed up of obnoxiousness related to that, too.

Off the net, I read just about anything. Including dictionaries. I like bookshops and libraries. I like games from cards—especially cribbage—to running around an old house trying to outwit the zombies (somehow, I feel explanations would spoil that). Despite a disastrous university career earlier in life, I returned to education via the Open University, and worked out what I should have been doing in the first place. Which was not sciences. So back to the local university, and no time for the internet. Not much time for anything, but I still haven't lost my taste for dancing around at gigs, wandering around the bay and watching the sun come up, and scribbling.

Remnants of a more techie existence which are still hanging around on this site are the following. They are updated only in the sense that when something gets out of date, I delete it.

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