The more accurate diary. Old stuff.

Warning: These are old.

On with the diary.

August 1st
Hot still. Hoped for rain, but alas.

Alan returned, a mere hour late. Thank you, trains.

July 31st
Weather still hot and stifling. I am very bored with summer now. Roll on the autumn and floods, storms, or whatever it has in store for us.

Junk After the Expo.. post (through the letterbox, not via email) which I strongly suspect is as a result of giving my address out in order to get my tickets sent for the Linux Expo in London last month. Not impressed, because I always tick the No, I do not wish to receive marketing boxes.

July 30th
Alan departed to visit family and apparently had yet another nightmare train journey.

I celebrated his absence with garlic bread, because he always complains if I make it with him in the house.

July 29th
To make up for getting to bed at 4am, Alan got up out of bed at 4pm, the horrible article. Oh well. I got lots of things done anyway.

Sweltered until about 10pm when it occurred to me that we actually have a fan, and went to lie underneath it for a bit. This is, after all, a country where house-housing details include does it have central heating?, not does it have air conditioning? As a result, every summer, all the shops sell out of fans over the space of one weekend.

Perhaps it was the still air or the clear sky, but the moon was amazingly bright tonight. Lovely.

July 28th
Alan up very late. Into town when he finally awoke. I am not sure he can be well. We went to the bookshop and he didn't complain. Possibly this is because I forgot my money and thus couldn't buy anything. Waah.

Stopped on the way to peer at the estate agents, who are selling the house next door. They have obviously taken one of their more artistic photos, because someone knocked on the door of our house thinking it was the one next door.

Visited by Justin.

Alan then stayed up very late indeed. I put the light out at 3.30am and he still hadn't appeared. And he had been so good these last few weeks! I hadn't realised how much I had come to appreciate that.

Much noise from down the road where there is some kind of party in the park. It's billed as Escape in the Park, but we think from is more appropriate.

July 27th
Email from someone I haven't seen in some years. The net is an amazing thing.
July 26th
Still too hot. Whinge. Had a look at the one sircam virus-induced email I received since deleting a mass of them. Perhaps the ones I deleted were more interesting.
July 25th
After some examination of timetables, deposited George on the train for London, thence to find the train through the tunnel to France. He's been rather lucky with trains so far: both times we have arrived at the station and the train has left (with him on it) within five minutes.

Still hot weather, and I have a stripe across my foot where I got burned. How silly.

July 24th
Whistle-stop tour of Swansea in the morning. Fed George laverbread and welshcakes in the market and took him to the sheep shop via the castle.

Then out to Gower and Rhossili on the bus. We managed to arrive an hour before low water (the tides around Swansea are quite impressive in their range) so it was possible to get over the exposed rocks to Worm's Head and back. I've never seen the route exposed before, but I had slip-on shoes with no grips on, so left Alan and George to that and wandered around peering down vertiginous cliff faces at lichens and sheep grazing in the most peculiar places. George took many photos but since he hasn't developed his photos from Guadec (from April) yet, this isn't too useful. For interested people, Google's images search gives some pictures which are mostly relevant.

I was entertained to hear that apparently, if you have a hunk of rock accessible only for two hours either side of low tide, in some places, you would not find signs telling people when it's safe to try but instead a Do not do this sign. Here, you go down the path to the edge and there's a big sign telling you that you might get cut off, and if you do, where to stand and wave and hope someone spots you...

Dodgy pub lunch and then back on a double-decker bus which meant many alarming cracks as all the trees and hedges whacked the top of the bus, but great views. George and Alan returned to hacking and I lazed about.

Dick came round and we all went first for ice-cream and a wander by the beach and then to another pub in quest of food and decent beer. Every beer I wanted was off and they have stopped doing one brand altogether and stopped doing my preferred variety of another brand. However, Alan spotted a Czech beer and George seized on it, (Wow! This is a Prague beer!) and was then mortally disappointed that it came in bottles. It is named after goats (and specifically, male goats, which was important for some reason). We are wondering if this holds the explanation for the GEGL image (a five-legged goat that lurks in in Gnome easter eggs) but George is not forthcoming on this matter.

Back to the house for drinking and investigating Alan's collection of alcohols from different countries. I didn't realise we had some of those left. Apparently he has been hiding them from me. Waah!

July 23rd
Back to Swansea on the train and back to net-awareness. Usability report for Gnome came out, lots of people responded to Alan's I am wary of going to the US now email, and I have way too much email again. None of it is rude this time. but I do appear to be in the address book of people running whatever Windows program has the latest virus which sends out random files from the hard drive. I think I am going to encrypt /home just in case this kind of thing visits Linux one day. (Don't laugh. There was a day when we all routinely replied to scare stories with You cannot get a virus just by reading your email. Things change.) And in the meantime I am cheerfully deleting a ton of 500-line emails and being thankful I am no longer on a modem. I would not like to be downloading all this rubbish on 28.8.

Subjected George to fish and chips with gravy and mushy peas. It's his fault. He wanted to try the local food. Perhaps we should get some laverbread in, but then I shall have to remember how to cook it.

July 22nd
More discussion in the day (and a water pistol battle against the children of the neighbours), more music in the evening. We arrived in time for Gjallarhorn (if you're using Lynx or a slow link then use this saner link instead). They're a Scandinavian folk music complete with a percussion player playing a, erm... jug). Then we caught All Above Eve (she doesn't sing the high stuff any more, sniff), and then some bizarre band I didn't enjoy at all. We left early, discovering that lots of other people had beaten us to that plan. Alan, Conrad and George stayed up late, talking. I think Alan came to bed at about four. Ugh. I'll never get him onto sane hours again.
July 21st
Weather improved wonderfully in the day, then clouded over for the afternoon and evening. Loaded up the car with bodies and homebrew, headed back into Trowbridge. Diana and I went shopping madly at the stalls and emerged triumphant to the disgust of Conrad and Alan.

Great Big Sea were playing that night, which was the entire reason for going to Trowbridge, and they were great, even if the sound was awful. I am amazed Alan recalls any of the set, since he drank so much cider that George was speculating on names to call the next gdm release. Also encountered Kíla, who are worth seeing (even if their website isn't if you're using Lynx. What is it with folk bands and websites?)

July 20th
Another departure day: this time off to see friends we haven't seen for a while. (Can we visit? We can bring a Gnome hacker and he can fix everything for you... They live conveniently near to Trowbridge, which has a folk festival, and what a surprise, it was this weekend. After Conrad managed to make Gnome do something none of us had ever seen before (What the..?) we headed off for a happy evening quaffing beer in a sunny field to music.

Weather was -- naturally -- foul. It took half a car journey before we realised we didn't know where the festival was, and half of the remainder before we thought to look at the tickets for the location. Skipped much of the early music, bumped into more friends, then exposed George (favourite band: the Clash) to English folk and watched him try to find something polite to say about both the beer (he went down the bar list and it took three different pints before he found one he liked) and the music (Actually, it was okay). We thought Little Johnny England were a bit better than just okay, but we've heard them before :) For our final trick, we tried to get the car out of the quagmire that had once been a happy green field.

July 19th
Departure day. We had planned to visit Trinity to see the Book of Kells but first we were up late and then we got delayed. Waah. Found the airport successfully (eight miles, and half an hour on the fast bus. Hmm) and we flew back to Wales. Left Alan and George to play carousel musical baggage which they did successfully, and back to Swansea and a pile of dead computers. Apparently we'd had a power failure an hour before we arrived back. Restored the important boxes and then I sulked and wished we hadn't after I discovered a heap of email from people who disapproved strongly of something I had said/done. I am more firmly convinced than ever that free software people need to learn that Get back to Windows (I've never been there) and You...[fill in the blanks] are not the best way to induce a frame of mind where their points will be considered carefully. Ho hum.
July 18th
Wandered Dublin playing at tourists. Swansea's buskers are better :) Met Glynn in... well, guess, and headed to another pub in the north side of Dublin. It managed to fulfil all my best cliches of Irish pubs by having people playing music in the back, so I was happy. Played GnuPG games and chatted to lots of people about lots of things. Ambled back through Dublin thinking it's a lot cleaner at night than London.
July 17th
Being a civilised type, Glynn left us all to sleep in and went to work. In a spirit of sabotage, we followed him in later and again, he was standing outside just as we arrived. Spooky. Wandered around Sun with shiny visitor passes and interrupted a great many people's work. Put faces to a great many names and met several people who don't show up on IRC, the silly people.

Organised meeting up later in the evening, and Alan, George and I headed off into Dublin and found a pub where the tables were made out of sewing machines. Evening with friends, first at a meal and then at, um, a pub..

July 16th
Off to Cardiff to catch the plane to Dublin after we found Very Silly Prices on Ryanair's website some time ago. I whiled away the waiting time filling in silly surveys there. I ran out of silly answers until Alan suggested the sheep (the rucksack) should fill one in too, and then I ran out of forms.

Plane was late to arrive, and then late to take off, and then the luggage was even later. We had planned to avoid this with judicious cramming of all things into cabin luggage, but alas, they weighed one of the bags. Drat. Into the hold with it.

Attempted to ring Glynn to say we'd be late, but discovered he'd given us his phone number but no area code. Nice one. Abandoned the idea of getting a bus and got a great taxi ride in, complete with How I fleece tourists who ask me about leprachauns tales. Arrived at the pub we were due to meet in, and found Glynn waiting outside, although Calum and Sander were quick to point out that he'd been there for about a minute before we arrived, and not the entire hour.

Guinness, and then to Glynn's where we talked for hours with him and George, who was also staying there.

July 14th
Final game of the Lions tour. Great fun to watch, even if, as an Australian friend tactfully put it, the Lions came second.

Wandered out into the sun down to town and got Alan into the bookshop. I was very impressed with him. He only moaned a little bit. Then came back without going near computer shops. I do hope he's not ill.

July 12th
Alan arrived back even later than predicted, with such an incredible tale of getting lost in hitherto unknown areas of Heathrow that I cannot possibly summarise it. I do hope it makes it into his diary.

He was not pleased to discover the weather is still hot. Ah well.

July 11th
Only took me half the day to realise that mail had died again. Fixed. Whee. With luck, that will be the disaster which was due to occur. Something always happens when Alan is away. At least this is a something I can deal with.

Alan due back tonight, but apparently the plane was delayed so he's due back tomorrow. I can't wait to see what he makes of the latest post. I opened one of the parcels because it looked like a book, but it's all about this boring kernel rubbish. I left the bills for him.

July 10th
Left window open overnight because it was too hot. Woken at seven by rain through the window. Went for an impromptu skating session on the kitchen floor for no adequately explained reason. Ow. My foot hurts. Clearly it is Alan's fault.

Visited by Leila, friend with small child. Deposited small child in the largest room thinking he was out of reach of all things, retreated to watch developments, and discovered he has learned to toddle. He is not at all sure what to make of the Furby that reigns from a situation on high (perched on the mantlepiece) and hasn't yet worked out how to make the penguin squeak. I should probably be relieved on that last one.

July 9th
In a fit of activity, disposed of several long-running to-do items, largely by thinking Too late now and deleting them. Alan headed off to the station shortly after blithely announcing that he had rung the plumber. We have been watching the damp retreat and become dubious that it can account for the damp in the downstairs toilet.

The plumber duly arrived and confirmed it was not damp, and demonstrated further mind-boggling evidence of the activities of prior owners or builders. (Not sure whether something will hold in place? Slap a wodge of concrete on it. Sorted!) Now fixed.

Usual Alan-not-here-haha! rearrangement of the house contents occurred.

July 8th
I can't for the life of me think what happened today.

I think Alan pretended to pack and I broke things whilst staring dourly at the shower, which displays evidence of too little grout now that someone went and scraped half of it off.

July 7th
Rugby. Argh. I do not understand what happened to the scrum that gave the Wallabies their second try, but oh well. I suppose at least next week's will have a fair bit riding on it.
July 6th
Alan chose this morning to attempt to regrout the shower. Before I'd had mine. Cunning. From his evasive responses, I gather I missed a spectacle. It started with a tube of sealant (why not real grouting stuff?) and a screwdriver, which would not have been my initial choice of tools. It ended with the sealant exploding over a mallet (my questions on what he was doing opening a tube of sticky gloop with a mallet have received no substantive response and my imagination is boggling) and his leaving the window open, whereupon it rained in and all the goo slid off. For extra credit, he managed to coat the screwdriver, too.

So we went shopping and returned with the alleged right stuff and correct tools, and after Alan had removed his earlier handiwork, I had a go. It was a lot of fun, but Alan thinks I am over-cavalier with the quantities, and half an hour later I caught him removing large amounts of it. With his hair dangling perilously close to it. Argh.

July 5th
Still too hot despite storm. The rain has brought chaos to parts of Wales but Swansea has survived. Just as well, because according to the posters, the Man band are playing shortly.

Reminded Alan that I needed to get my pictures of Boston, of before and after of various rooms of the house, and so on off the digital camera and onto the computer and that he had promised to show me how to. S he showed me how to. You put the card into the computer, mount it, do ls on it, and discover fifty files called variations on DSC????.?PG and ?????8.JP?. Then you realise something has gone horribly wrong.

So now I have no photos. I am not delighted about this, but what can you do? I can't even enter a bug report against something because I don't know what happened.

Alan spent about two hours trying to work out what had happened so he could at least prevent it from happening again. I thought I would get the blame (because I always do) but in the end he settled on Dunno in a most aggrieved tone. He can make it happen again, but he can't work out why.

July 4th
Up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to get a lift to London with Justin and Sharon, who were ostensibly attending the Expo there. In reality they wanted to go to the planetarium :)

The Expo account, such as it is, is written up elsewhere because it is too long for here.

July 3rd
Woke Alan up for more rugby at 10am. I do think he could be more appreciative of my hard-fought efforts in this area. The game was a lot of fun, although I found myself explaining rugby laws to one of the Red Hat lab rats for hours afterwards and doubtless contributed to the sabotage of free software thereby.

Spent the rest of the day breaking Gnome, nagging Alan about his diary, organising departure to London Linux Expo thing, gloating about arrival of Trowbridge tickets, sulking about the heat, cooking, and boggling as the cork got stuck in the wine bottle. And this was Alan, not I! (Last week, I got it stuck and Alan lectured on how I had it wrong, so I got him to pull the cork this time, and it was worse.)

At final hour before midnight, discovered Alan didn't want to go to London. Neither do I -- it's London, and bakingly hot according to the weather forecasts -- but hmph.

For reasons unknown to me, Alan has decided to "test my phone" by ringing it when I do not expect it. He's obviously in that kind of mood: over the past few days I have found my Ximian monkeys:

and in positions I cannot describe here, or I'll have to add an exception for this page if ever I get this page rated for content (They were grooming each other, really!)

I'm fairly sure building stuff was supposed to have happened by now, but it hasn't. Oh well.

July 2nd
Monday, and still far too hot. Alan stole his Poormouth CD back from me.

Booked for Trowbridge Festival after bizarre discussion about the booking agency's website on the phone. Ho hum. Noted that tickets for London's Linux Expo had not yet arrived.

July 1st
Oh look, Sunday again. You can tell because even though the mailer is upgraded, the modem dies on Sundays. Day of rest or something for the modem, and since that's how the mail gets in, a day of rest for me too. also decided to have a day of rest. Accounts vary, but magic smoke was involved, and either the power supply or a capacitor. Lovely. It's back up now. Well, either that, or you are reading this on the wrong site which is going away soon (see note at top of page).

I don't think Alan is going to like Aussie rules football. I found the rules on the web, and there is no off-side law. Whatever do they argue about after the game then? Oh wait, I found a rule about You do not quarrel with decisions in public afterwards either, but this spoils all the fun.

Friend brought her brother and a computer in need of rescuing. I had begun to forget quite how bizarre the machine room looks until the comments from her brother on the matter of the temperature of the room (which reminded me that the spider plants need watering) and What's all that shelving? Ah, yes. Um. That'd be the rack.

I do not think I should be quite so blasé about a rackful of computers.

June 30th
Up early sorting things out for the afternoon whilst Alan got up early. What was the reason for this earth-shattering event? Evening rugby in Australia, which is live in the morning here. The Lions have finished being mauled by the Australian press (and their own team-mates? What a day to publish your tour diary...) and it's time to play some rugby. Now I know how to wake him up. Shame it will only happen another two times this summer.

I confess to astonishment when the Lions went ahead first, and then stayed there (such belief in the side, I know..), but it was great fun to watch. I gather a friend was at the match. I am jealous. Normally I rationalise it with You get a better view on the telly but Sky in their wisdom decided to draw graphics of angles and apparent goal widths instead of showing the conversion attempt and managed to focus only on the parts of the crowd dressed in red, giving the impression that no-one from Australia showed up to watch it at all. Then the commentators -- from Britain -- referred to Dafydd James as Daffid every time they mentioned him. A friend complains that the commentators on BBC Wales are biased: but at least they get the names right.

Oh yes, the Lions won.

Picked up by friend who was moving at short notice to help clean new house and move things. The rest of the cleaning squad failed to appear: the pubs had opened by now, so they were too busy celebrating the rugby. Hmph. Got rid of the last of the boxes we'd used to move house, moved lots of black bin liners, summoned Alan to evict many spiders, discovered friend's small child was scared of the vacuum cleaner (tricky when you're trying to watch child and clean a house...), regaled friends with rugby highlights, was dragged into earnest discussion of whether small child should play cricket (says mum) or rugby (says dad) for Wales (apparently it is never too early to plan these things), shampoo'd carpet (well no. Friend did that. We watched..), and eventually departed.

Loaded dyson into car for them and then retired to recover. Alan did not go to stare at the computer. On hunting for him, discovered him watching the sports channel, which had run out of rugby.

Alan has discovered Australian rules football now. Oh dear...

I've been asked for a more obvious feedback route. So there you are! But please note: This should be clear from the above, but: I am not a kernel hacker. I am not an anything hacker. "Is this diary true?" will get answered. (It is.) "I have a problem compiling the brainsplat module under the pre-sliced option terminator; I am using the mutability framewedger on the standard infernalisation build" will not. (Well, it might be answered in a similar vein, but for a real answer, look elsewhere. It's much safer.)