Hymns and Arias

In the words of the bard

I can't resist quoting a bit from Max Boyce here. For those who haven't come across him, he's a Welsh entertainer. He writes on all manner of things but it's his songs serenading Welsh rugby which are probably most often heard in the pubs around here. This one was written years ago.

Wales defeated England, in a fast and open game
We sang Cwm Rhondda and Delilah, damn, they sounded both the same
We sympathised with an Englishman whose team was doomed to fail
And we gave him that old bottle which once held bitter ale

And we were singing
Hymns and arias,
Land of my fathers
Ar hyd yr nos

Max Boyce

Entertainingly enough, Max sang this for the crowd before the kick-off, and was followed by Tom Jones singing Delilah. As for the significance of the bottle which once held bitter ale.. well, you'll have to hear the rest of the song for that.