A rose by any other name

Okay, so what I call a swede is Brassica napus napobrassica. It's round, brownish, and very heavy. (And gets kitchen knives stuck in it.) You dice it and cook it and it comes out a lovely orange yellow. What I call a turnip is Brassica rapa rapa. Also round, but smaller, and white to purple on the outside.


It emerges that some people call my turnip a turnip and call my swede a rutabaga. Other people call my turnip a white turnip and call my swede a turnip. (I haven't seen Blackadder in ages, but I think they do that there.) As I may have mentioned, I call my swede a swede but I make pumpkin lanterns out of it. Even though it's definitely not a pumpkin. And lots of people think that whatever it's called, it's cattle feed.

And someone else thought we were doing terrible things to residents of Sweden.