This document is intended to list the known sources of ready to run and motorised kit models. Discontinued RTR (ready to run) products are listed along with current kits. Discontinued kits are only listed where there is no current equivalent available in order to keep the list managable. Second hand indicates an item no longer in the vendors catalogue for production. With the switch to batch production many models which are out of production will still be available new in shops and online. Also note that items which are "NYA" (Not Yet Available) sometimes get cancelled by the vendor before release.

This document is © 2006-14 Alan Cox. It was made possible by the many members of ngauge-modern who contributed corrections and updates and to whom the author is extremely greatful. The contents of this document may be inaccurate. It is supplied with no warranty and for free.

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Recent changes

Note that BH Enterprises, Taylor Precision Models, Worsley works and Electra Railway Graphics produce a variety of kit built non motorised DMU/EMU models which are not all listed here.

Locomotives (by TOPS class)

ClassKIT/RTRVendorKit ChassisNote
01KITJudith Edge 9
02KITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)Included9
03RTRGraham Farish
04RTRGraham Farish
04KITLangleyTrix Dock Tank
05KITJudith Edge 9
05KITBH EnterprisesTrix Dock Tank (use Farish 04)
06KITJudith Edge 9
07KITEtched PixelsFarish 04
08RTR (2nd hand)Graham Farish
08RTRGraham Farish
09 No known source
10 No known source
11RTR (2nd hand)Graham Farish
12 No known source
13 No known source
14RTRGraham Farish
14KITParkwoodMinitrix v.60
15KITBH EnterprisesBachmann/Farish 20
15KITParkwoodBachmann/Farish 20
16KITParkwoodBachmann/Farish 20
17KITParkwoodKato/Microace DD13
17KITJudith Edge 9
17RTR (NYA)DJModels
20RTRGraham Farish
21KITLangleyFarish 25
21KITWorsley Works4
22KITWorsley Works
23KIT/RTR (2nd hand)It's NGaugeFarish 254
23RTR (NYA)DJModels
24/0RTRGraham Farish 4
24/0KITLangleyFarish 254
24KITWorsley Works4
24/0KITEtched PixelsFarish/Bachmann 252
24/1KITEtched PixelsBachmann Farish 24 (new type)2
25/0KITWorsley Works4
25/0KITEtched PixelsFarish/Bachmann 252
25/1RTRGraham Farish
25/1KIT/RTR (2nd hand)It's NGaugeBachmann/Farish 25
25/1KITWorsley Works4
25/1KITBH EnterprisesFarish 252
25/1KITEtched PixelsFarish/Bachmann 252
25/3RTRGraham Farish
26KITBH EnterprisesFarish 332
26RTRCJM Studios
27RTR (2nd hand)Minitrix
28KITIan StoateFarish 31 + 20
28KITWorsley Works4
29KITLangleyFarish 25
29KITWorsley Works
30KIT (2nd hand)Taylor Precision Models
31RTRGraham Farish1
31 "Skinhead"KITIan StoateBachmann/Farish 312
31RTR (2nd hand)Lima1
33RTRGraham Farish
33/1KITTaylor Precision ModelsBachmann/Farish 332
37/0RTRGraham Farish
37/4RTRGraham Farish
37/5RTR (2nd hand)Graham Farish
37/6KIT (2nd hand)It's NGaugeBachmann/Farish 37
37/6RTRGraham Farish
37/9KIT (2nd hand)It's NGaugeBachmann/Farish 37
40RTRGraham Farish
41KITWorsley WorksBachmann/Farish 47
42RTRGraham Farish
43RTR (2nd hand)Minitrix
43(For HST see class 253 DMU)
44RTRGraham Farish
45RTRGraham Farish
46RTRGraham Farish
47RTRGraham Farish
47RTR (2nd hand)Minitrix
50RTRCJM Studios
50 (refurb)RTRGraham Farish
50RTR (NYA)Dapol
50 (unrefurb) (2nd hand)KIT/RTR (2nd hand)It's NGaugeBachmann/Farish 50
52RTRGraham Farish
53 "Falcon"KITBH EnterprisesFarish 502
53 "Falcon"KIT/RTRBritannia PacificFarish 50
55RTRGraham Farish
55RTR (2nd hand)Lima
56RTR (2nd hand)Graham Farish
56RTRCJM Studios
57KITTaylor Precision ModelsFarish 472
57RTR (2nd hand)Graham Farish
57/0RTRGraham Farish
57/3RTRGraham Farish
57/6RTRGraham Farish
58RTRCJM Studios
58KITBH EnterprisesFarish 40
58KITWorsley Works
59RTRCJM Studios
59KITBH EnterprisesFarish 50
59KITValve DesignDapol 66
59KITWorsley Works
59RTR (NYA)Dapol
60RTRCJM Studios
60RTRGraham Farish
66RTRCJM Studios
66RTRGraham Farish
66/9RTRGraham Farish
66KITBH EnterprisesFarish 50/52/55
66KITWorsley Works
67RTRCJM Studios
67KITWorsley Works
70 (Southern)KITWorsley WorksFarish 31
70 (GE)RTRGraham Farish
71KIT (2nd hand)BH EnterprisesFarish 25/33
71KITEtched PixelsFarish/Bachmann 25/33
73/0RTRCJM Studios
73/0RTRDapol (for The Signal Box) Ltd ed.
73/1RTRCJM Studios
73/2RTRCJM Studios
73KITBH EnterprisesBachmannn GP50
74KITEtched PixelsFarish/Bachmann 25/33
74KITWorsley Works
74KIT (2nd hand)BH EnterprisesFarish 25/33
76KIT (2nd hand)Masterclass ModelsBrawa E109/E1429
76KIT (2nd hand)Andrew Humphries/MSL HobbiesKato EH-10
77KIT (2nd hand)Andrew Humphries/MSL HobbiesBachmann/Farish 31
80 No known source
81 No known source
82 No known source
83 No known source
84 No known source
85KIT (2nd hand)It's NGauge 
86RTR (2nd hand)Lima
86KITIan StoateFarish 872
87RTRGraham Farish
87KITTaylor Precision ModelsFarish 87/90
89KIT (NYA)Taylor Precision ModelsFarish 37/47/56
89RTRCJM Studios
90RTRGraham Farish
91 (+DVT)RTRGraham Farish
92RTRCJM Studios
92KIT3DR Designs

Early Locomotives and Specials

D2400-9KIT (2nd hand)Judith Edge 9
D2957-8KITJudith Edge 9
D2/7 (2/14)KITBH Enterprises
D2/12 (2/14A)KITBH Enterprises
D2/12 (2/14A)KITParkwoodBachmann Farish 03/4
12001/2, 15100KITParkwoodBachmann Farish 08
D3/7 (12003-12039)KITParkwoodMinitrix v.60
D3/9 (15001-15004)KITParkwoodBachmann Farish 08
D3/12 (15201-15203)KITParkwoodBachmann Farish 08
48DSKITBH Enterprises
48DSKITEtched Pixels
DY1KITBH EnterprisesArnold Kof-II/III
EB1KIT (2nd hand)Judith Edge 9
EE1KITJudith Edge 9
EF1KITJudith Edge 9
ES1KITJudith Edge 9
LMS 10000/1KIT (2nd hand)KnightwingFarish 40
LMS 7051KITJudith Edge 9
10100 No known source
10201-3KITEtched PixelsFarish 25 + 40 bogies
10800KITParkwoodBachmann/Farish 20
11001KITJudith Edge 9
18000KIT (2nd hand)Langley
18100 No known source
26000KIT (2nd hand)Andrew Humphries/MSL HobbiesDapol Hymek
Hawk No known source
APT No known source
"Deltic"RTRGraham Farish
"Deltic"KIT/RTR (2nd hand)It's NGaugeBachmann/Farish 55
DP2KIT/RTR (2nd hand)It's NGaugeBachmann/Farish 55
D0206 "Lion"KIT/RTRBritannia PacificFarish 47
D0206 "Lion"RTR (2nd hand)Nthusiast Resprays
E1000/2001 No known source
HS4000 KestrelKITBH EnterprisesFarish 472
HS4000KIT/RTR (2nd hand)It's NGaugeBachmann/Farish 47
EurotunnelRTR (2nd hand)CJM Studios
Metropolitan Electric LocoKITParkwoodLifelike SW-8
LT Battery ElectricKITParkwoodKato shorty
YE JanusKITJudith Edge 9
Plasser 09-3X TamperKITModern Image ModelsTomix TM-04
Harsco RailgrinderKITModern Image ModelsTomix TM-04
Plasser UFM160KITModern Image ModelsBachmann/Faris 158
Windhoff MPVKITN Gauge ForumTomix TM-03/04

Diesel Multiple Units

GWR AEC railcarKITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)
GWR later railcarRTRGraham Farish
GWR parcels railcar (W34W)KITLangley
GWR parcels railcar (W34W)KITBH Enterprises
GWR parcels railcar (W34W)KITElectra Railway Graphics7
GWR dual railcarKITLangley
101RTR (2nd hand)Graham Farish
101RTRGraham Farish
103KITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)
104KITN Train6
104KITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)
105KITBH Enterprises
105KITN Train6
108KITBH Enterprises
108RTRGraham Farish
114KITBH Enterprises
116KITBH Enterprises
117KITBH Enterprises
118KITBH Enterprises
119KITBH Enterprises
120KITBH Enterprises
120KITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)
121KITBH Enterprises
121KITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)
122KITBH Enterprises
122KITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)
123KITBH Enterprises
126KITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)
128KITBH Enterprises
128KITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)
129KITBH Enterprises
129KITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)
129KITN Train6
142KITWorsley Works (under 2mm not motor)
142RTR (NYA)Dapol
150/1RTRGraham Farish6
150/2RTRGraham Farish6
155KITBH Enterprises
155KIT (2nd hand)Electra Railway Graphics
156KIT (2nd hand)Ian Stoate
158RTRGraham Farish6
159RTRGraham Farish6
165KITBig P Models
165KITElectra Railway Graphics7
166KITBig P Models
166KITElectra Railway Graphics7
168/1RTRGraham Farish
170/1RTRGraham Farish6
170/2RTRGraham Farish6
170/3RTRGraham Farish6
170/4RTRGraham Farish6
170/5RTRGraham Farish6
171/7RTRGraham Farish6
171KITElectra Railway Graphics7
172KITElectra Railway Graphics7
175/0KITEtched Pixels/Electra Railway Graphics2
175/1KITEtched Pixels/Electra Railway Graphics2
201 (6S)KITWorsley Works4
205 (3H)KITBH Enterprises
205 (3H)KITElectra Railway Graphics7
205 (3H)KITWorsley Works
207KITBH Enterprises
207KITElectra Railway Graphics7
220 (Voyager)RTR (2nd hand)Dapol
220 (Voyager)RTRGraham Farish
221 (Voyager)RTRDapol
222KITElectra Railway Graphics7
251 (Blue Pullman)KITWorsley Works
251 (Blue Pullman)KIT (2nd hand)Invicta Scene (ltd ed)
251 (Blue Pullman)RTRGraham Farish
252 (HST)RTR/NYADapol
253 (HST)RTRGraham Farish
253 (HST)RTRDapol

DMU Specials

950 (Sprinter TRU)KITElectra Railway Graphics7
IRIS 2KITHurst Models2
RTC101KITHurst Models2
Derby LightweightKitEtched Pixels
ACV/BUT RailbusKITEtched Pixels
Wickham RailbusKITEtched Pixels
Southern Drewry RailbusKITEtched Pixels
WCPR 'Flying Matchbox'KITEtched Pixels

Electric Multiple Units

302KITElectra Railway Graphics7
307KITElectra Railway Graphics7
308KIT (2nd hand)Amsie's Models7
309KITWorsley Works4
310KITElectra Railway Graphics7
312KITElectra Railway Graphics7
323KITEtched Pixels2
350/1RTRGraham Farish
350/2RTRGraham Farish
373 EurostarRTRKato3
390RTRRevolution Trains
401 2-BILKIT/RTRSoutherm Regon Models
403 5-BELRTRHornby International (Arnold)
403 5-BELKITWorsley Works4
405 4-SUBKITElectra Railway Graphics7
410 4-BEPKITBH Enterprises
411 4-CEPRTR)Graham Farish
411 4-CEPKITBH Enterprises
411 4-CEPKITElectra Railway Graphics7
411 4-CEPKITTaylor Precision Models
414 2-HAPKITBH Enterprises
414 2-HAPKITElectra Railway Graphics7
414 2-HAPKITWorsley Works4
415/2 4-EPBKITBH Enterprises
415/2 4-EPBKITElectra Railway Graphics7
416/2 2-EPBKITBH Enterprises
416/4 2-EPBKITElectra Railway Graphics7
419 MLVKITElectra Railway Graphics7
419 MLVKITWorsley Works4
419 MLVKITTaylor Precision Models
420 4-BIGKITBH Enterprises
420 4-BIGKITWorsley Works4
421 4-CIGKITBH Enterprises
421 4-CIGKITElectra Railway Graphics7
421 4-CIGKITWorsley Works4
421 4-CIGKITTaylor Precision Models
423 4-VEPKITBH Enterprises
423 4-VEPKITElectra Railway Graphics7
423 4-VEPKITTaylor Precision Models
423 4-VEPKITWorsley Works4
430 4-REPKITBH Enterprises
430 4-REPKITElectra Railway Graphics7
438 4-TCRTRCJM Studios
438 4-TCKITElectra Railway Graphics7
442 5-WESKITTaylor Precision Models6
442 5-WESKITBH Enterprises6
480 8-VABKITElectra Railway Graphics7
488/489KITElectra Railway Graphics8
489KITWorsley Works4
489RTRCJM Studios
491 4-TCKITBH Enterprises
491 4-TCKITElectra Railway Graphics7
501KITElectra Railway Graphics7
501KITWorsley Works4
503KITJudith Edge9
6-PULKITWorsley Works
LU 1959 stockKITNTrain 
LU 1995 stockKITAMR


Blackpool Jubilee ClassKIT/RTRTramtronix 
EE Balloon ClassKIT/RTRTramtronix 
  1. Do not mix Lima and Farish 31. The Lima 31 is rather too short and mixed on a layout it looks dire.
  2. Conversion kit
  3. 1:160 not 1:148
  4. A very old RTR lone star 'OOO' model exists
  5. Powered version is NYA
  6. Relivery kits available from Electra Railway Graphics
  7. Carriage conversion kit, requires one car is fitted with a motorised chassis as well
  8. Carriage conversion kit
  9. 1:152 not 1:148